V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine (VNLU) has many years of experience in science publication activity.

Results of fundamental and practical scientific researches of VNLU scientists and specialists on topical scientific ranges:

  • bookstudies, library studies, bibliography, codicology, codicography;
  • archival and documentation studies;
  • social communications;
  • scientometrics; information communication technologies;
  • biographistics, preservation, conservation and restoration of documents.

All of the mentioned above information is being widely spread in collaborative and individual monographies, science works collectorials, documents and materials, journals, science information, bibliographic, biobibliographic, reference encyclopedic editions, scientific manuals, scientific methodical recommendations, and informational analytical bulletins, all which are published at the VNLU publishing center by the Department of Complex Reprography (it was founded in 1992 as a Scientific Publishing Center).

Publishing achievements of VNLU are divided by chief thematic directions:

  • works on history of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, renowned scientists, science, education and culture workers;
  • collaborative and individual monographies on problems of developing national informational resources, on library studies, book studies and social communications, biographisticsand bibliography studies;
  • researches on history and culture fonds;
  • science information, information analytical and biobibliographical publications.

 Only during last 5 years the publishing center of VNLU  has published 187 book titles, amongst which are such multi-volumed titles:

In 2014 Shevchenkiana was launched; also in 2012 was launched the annual publication of collaborative monographies series on forming national informational space, developing digital sociohumanitarian resources, social networks and their roles in solving problems of improving ties between society, the individual and the state.

Editions published in publishing center of VNLU have received several diplomas and awards both in Ukraine and abroad. For example, in 2011 Institute of Manuscripts of VNLU has published “Peresopnytsia Gospel. 1556-1561. Research. Transliterated text. Word index. Peresopnytske Yevanheliie. 1556-1561. Doslidzhennia. Transliterovanyi tekst” (K., 2011) dedicated to its 450th anniversary. The book has received the 1st place in nomination “Chrestomathy” in Ukrainian rating “Book of the Year”, and VNLU publishing center has received special prize “Best librarian publishing”. In 2012 the academical VNLU has received the laureate diploma in nomination “Social sciences” for book series “Chosen scientific works of V. I. Vernadskyi. Vybrani naukovi pratsi akademika V. I. Vernadskoho  in International Contest for Best Science Book organised by the Board of International Association of Academies of Sciences and Scientific Center for Book Culture Research of Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2018 the Contest for best book publication of NAS of Ukraine in nomination “Reference books. Socio-humanitarian sphere” won “T. Shevchenko “Kobzar” in fonds of V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine: book and bibliographic study. “Kobzar” T. H. Shevchenka u fondakh Natsionalnoi biblioteky Ukrainy imeni V. I. Vernadskoho: knyhoznavtche ta bibliohrafichne doslidzennia (by L. Bieliaieva, I. Voychenko).

Annually VNLU publishes  a number of specialized periodicals (in such spheres: historical sciences; social communications):

   Also VNLU publishes:

  • Ukrainian summarising journal “Source. Dzherelo” (since 1999);
  • informational analytical journal “Ukraine: events, facts, comments. Ukraina: podii, fakty, komentari” (from 1998);
  • “Ukrainian-Macedonian science collectorial. Ukrainsko-makedonskyi naukovyi zbirnyk” (from 2005);
  • “Slavic horizons. Interdisciplinary collectorial  of science articles. Slov’ianski obrii. Mizhdystsyplinarnyi zbirnyk naukovykh prats” (from 2006).

The majority of publications is available digitally on VNLU Repository (http://www.irbis-nbuv.gov.ua/everlib). The major part of or modern monographic and informational analytical publications of VNLU is available on site of “Social Communications Research Center” (http://www.nbuviap.gov.ua/).

“Scientific Publishing Work” page on NBUV site has up-to-date information on:

  • new science titles, approved by the Scientific Board of VNLU
  • recently published titles (monographies, scientific catalogues and handbooks, scientific works collectorials, etc.) and links for online access
  • presentation events for scientific publications of VNLU;
  • annual annotated reports on amount of publishing completed by the Library;
  • general information on science journals and periodicals, completely with links to their digital archives;
  • database of VNLU specialists’ publications on library studies, documentation studies, archival and book studies, social communications;
  • statistics on amount of publishing completed by V. I. Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine.


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